What Provides Value to Salmon Fishermen?

A recent comment left on one of my clips on You Tube interested me greatly as to what exactly it is people are looking for when visiting the river Spey and other salmon rivers.


Exploring Exmouth

Despite being born in an Alpine country I was infected with the saltwater fly fishing virus about two decades ago.

Palazzo Salis – a poetic paradise

The famous painter Giovanni Segantini used to say : “Soglio, la soglia del Paradiso.” He found a particular light in Soglio, strolling towards Palazzo Salis.


High Risk, High Impact

Metric-based success is the requirement for funding from Grassy Creek Foundation. One project that could secure the foundation’s support tries to save one of the United States’ last salmon populations.


My Way with Salmon

After nearly 44 years of dry fly fishing for Atlantic salmon I must admit that I did not often write about this wonderful, leaping silver fish or the special flies and techniques that I use to catch them.


The Mysterious Softmouth Trout

In a few rivers of the Balkans swims a fish that only remotely resembles a brown or rainbow trout – the mysterious softmouth trout. Hans van Klinken explores the rare species.



Umami Santoku is all you need

Norwegian designer Per Finne masters a knife, mixing tradition with modernity because he believes that value comes with time. >>

From Architect to Rodbuilder

Swedish architect Christian Hörgren turned a passion into a proper side job, becoming a rod builder. His glass fiber rods are valued from the US to Japan.


The Full House in New Zealand

In cards, the Full house is a fist full of Aces and Kings. Fly fishing New Zealand, it’s bringing to hand the meritorious capture of a wiley brown trout and a tempestuous rainbow trout in the same day.


The Coastal Cutthroat of the Hills

Home to the rivers of the Pacific Northwest and the West Coast of Canada, coastal cutthroat can be caught from small mountains streams all the way to the sea.


Fly Fishing Culture and Philosophy