Ari t Hart – The Ree/al Master

Ari t Hart needs no introduction in the world of fly fishing. We visited the legendary reel maker, designer and artist in his home in the Netherlands.


Namaycush at 7,500 ft in the Swiss Alps

The midsummer period is a beautiful time to fish in many regions of the Northern hemisphere. For example Switzerland, where high alpine lakes hold populations of Namaycush.


Denver Bamboo Rods

When I think of Bamboo rods I think of Denver, Colorado. I fly fish the northwest United States. Big rivers and windy lakes.  


Pursuing predators on a classic pike fly

Fly fishing for predators like pike, perch or pike-perch has become increasingly popular. Rainer Ballin has been there from the beginning and shares his favourite pike fly.


Saving Europe’s last wild rivers

When you think of wild places left on this planet you would probably name regions like Siberia, Alaska, New Zealand or Tasmania. Very few would probably think of Europe. >>

The Lord of the Salmon Flies

Ken Middlemist is the last remaining fly dresser to be educated at the famous Hardy factory in Alnwick, England. He keeps tying flies, especially salmon flies until this day.


Fly Fishing New Zealand on a Budget

Trips into the backcountry give you the opportunity to turn months of planning and weeks of deprivation into some of the most outstanding moments you will ever experience.

A Slim Shrimp Sea Trout Fly

Spring is sea trout season – at least along the northern European coastlines of countries such as Denmark, Sweden and Germany. This simple pattern imitates a sea trout’s favorite food: shrimp.


Giant Browns of the Bay of Plenty

I heard them well before I saw them – big splashy thuds as they launched at the iron bars of their cage, desperately trying to break out of the cunning trap so as to continue their urgent way up the small stream.


Fly Fishing Culture and Philosophy